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Ken Navarro Makes it Two-In-A-Row on Top the Smooth Jazz Now Chart With Ruby Lane
May 5, 2014 - Congrats to Ken Navarro and his newest hit 'Ruby Lane." The popular guitarist has now hit the top of the charts two weeks in a row. "Ken is a scary guitarist," says John Beaudin Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now. "There are not many people on this planet who can play like that." MORE

Ken Navarro Back on Top the Smooth Jazz Now Chart With Ruby Lane
April 28, 2014 - Ken Navarro has always been a favorite on Smooth Jazz Now. He was one of our original announcers when we launched our radio station years ago and his music has always had a sweet spot with our audience. "Ken is one of the most talented acts in Jazz and an insanely talented guitarist," says John Beaudin Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now. MORE

It's a Hat Trick for Pete Gitlin - Three Weeks At #1 with "Epiphany" on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
April 21, 2014 - Congrats to Pete Gitlin! His new hit 'Epiphany' has stayed on the Smooth Jazz Now charts for three straight weeks. "This is certainly a special song for the format," says John Beaudin Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now. "I knew right away that Pete had plugged into something special with this tune." MORE

Pete Gitlin Has Staying Power with "Epiphany," #1 For Two Weeks on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
April 11, 2014 - Could this be a sign that the Smooth Jazz audience wants more variety? Pete Gitlin's latest single release 'Epiphany,' which is not really a Smooth Jazz tune, has truly connected with our listeners. MORE

Pete Gitlin Has an "Epiphany" at #1 on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
April 4, 2014 - The new #1 song on Smooth Jazz Now isn't really Smooth Jazz but it sure sounds great in the genre. Pete Gitlin's "Epiphany" (featuring Lea Cappelli) has made it to the top spot in only seven weeks. 'Pete's music has always spoken to our audience,' Says John Beaudin, Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now, "His way with melody is amazing," MORE

Nick Colionne Scores Hat Trick with Three Weeks at #1 on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
March 28, 2014 - We are certainly overstating the obvious when we say that Smooth Jazz Now listeners love Nick Colionne! His hit "Got to Keep it Moving" is #1 for it's third week in a row. "We love Nick," says John Beaudin, Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now, "This is the most requested tune on our station right now." MORE

Nick Colionne Has Legs - Keeps it at #1 on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
March 21, 2014 - Nick Colionne had no trouble staying at #1 with "Got To Keep It Moving" on the Smooth Jazz Now Top 50 Countdown. The guitarist has only been on our chart for 5 weeks and two of those in the top spot. "Nick is everything that's good in this format," says John Beaudin Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now, "his tunes always have strong reactions with our listeners."MORE

Nick Colionne Has the First Big Hit of Spring - Reaching #1 on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
March 14, 2014 - As spring is almost upon us Nick Colionne has stepped up with what could be one of the biggest hits of the 3-4 months. His "Got to Keep It Moving" has made it to the top spot in just four weeks. "Nick has a huge following here at SmoothJazzNow says Operations Manager John Beaudin. MORE

March 8, 2014 - video review of Jim Samuel "NOW"

REVIEW – Jim Samuel – NOW – Jim Samuel Productions
March 7, 2014 – One thing's for sure this sounds like nothing you have heard before. What's been the big complaint in Smooth Jazz? Everything sounds the same? Sometimes it does. MORE

Chieli Minucci & Special EFX Makes it Three Weeks at #1 on Smooth Jazz Now Charts
March 7, 2014 - Looks like we have our first bona fide hit of 2014 from Chieli Minucci and Special EFX. "Blue Lagoon" easily beat out the pack by hitting #1 for a third straight week. "We have a fast rising hit from Nick Colionne," says John Beaudin Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now, "But Chieli and company held firm." MORE



1 1 Ken Navarro Ruby Lane (two weeks at #1)
2 4 Braxton Brothers Know You Better
3 7 Nathan East Daft Funk (HOT SINGLE PICK)
4 2 Les Sabler A Felicidade
5 8 Brandon Willis Stay With Me
6 3 Pete Gitlin Epiphany For The Children (featuring Lea Cappelli) (#1 for three week)
7 14 Vincent Ingala Kimi Trick (feat. Jonathan Fritzen)
8 5 Phil Perry Where is the Love
9 22 Geoff McBride Love Is The Answer
10 6 Phil Denny Crossover (HOT SINGLE PICK)
Check out the whole chart here
New Interviews

Jim Samuel Reaches Higher Levels....Fast
January 28, 2014 – It's always great to start a new year with momentum and Jim Samuel is hitting the ground running. The keyboardist has just released his sophomore album “NOW” and all the buzz is showing signs of an even bigger success than his “Smooth Covers, Smooth Dance.” We sat down with Samuel to catch up. MORE

John Beaudin Video Interview with Jim Samuel hits 4500 in only 3 Weeks CLICK HERE TO WATCH



INTERVIEW - One-On-One with Jim Samuel
March 27, 2013 - With the release of Jim Samuel's new album 'Smooth Covers, Smooth Dance' last week and our 90-minute radio special on his career we thought we would delve a little deeper into what makes Samuel tick. MORE

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mike MacArthur
March 26, 2013 - Mike MacArthur has an impressive resume. Playing with Diane Schuur and the late great Maynard Ferguson creates great cache for an artist.
We asked MacArthur for a few more quirky facts about his career that we might not know. Here is what he served up. MORE

INTERVIEW - One-On-One (20 Questions) with Wayne Wesley Johnson
December 13, 2012 – SmoothJazzNow has a new artist/interview feature called One-On-One. It’s 20 questions for your favorite Smooth Jazz artists. Most acts will be asked the same questions but we will also change it up on some weeks. MORE

INTERVIEW - One-On-One (20 Questions) with Greg Adams
December 13, 2012 – Greg Adams has been out there. Even though many fans know him from his days with Tower of Power that stint seemed to be just an opening act for what was to come. MORE

INTERVIEW - 10 Things You Might Not Know About Pete Gitlin
December 11, 2012 - It's been a great year for Pete Giltin. The guitarist reached #1 on the chart and there's no sign of him slowing down. We asked Pete to give us some rare facts - things you might not know about him. Check out the list. MORE

New Reviews

John Beaudin's Interview with Rob Tardik hits 12,000 Hits on YouTube in Just One Month -

HOT SINGLE PICK - Rob Tardik - "One World" - Tardik Talks New Album LIMITLESS with Smooth Jazz Now

March 27, 2013 – They say “everything is perception” and from the start our image of Rob Tardik has been hard working and positive. With the release of his fourth album LIMITLESS, later this year, we thought we would catch up with Tardik and ask about the sound of the new project. MORE

REVIEW - Mike MacArthur – Feels Like Home (4 out of 5 Stars)
March 2, 2013 – I think the reputation of a music reviewer is that of a bitter and jaded curmudgeon living in a van down by the river. Years ago after writing a blistering review of a project that sounded half finished the artist approached me at a club and screamed, “You must spend a lot of time looking for things to hate?” “Actually it's the opposite, I answered, “I use my hours looking for the good stuff, 3/4 of the trip, however, is filled cliched blah!” MORE

Review - Terry Wollman - A Joyful Noise - Mango Eater Music (4 Stars out of 5)
November 18, 2012 - Christmas music is a unique animal. A challenging one. Imagine explaining the concept to an alien, "So we celebrate this holiday and musicians, at least once in their careers, get to record the same 30-40 songs and hope that their versions sticks," MORE

REVIEW - Bob Baldwin – Presents Betcha By Golly Wow – The Songs of Thom Bell – Peak Records (**2 out of 5 STARS)
May 1, 2012 - We live in a world where most instrumental music sounds like it was made for a 5x5 vertically moving room and that includes some Smooth Jazz. Interestingly, most Smooth Jazz musicians are technically some of the best players on the planet but many have fallen into this big vacuous hole, an amnesic state, where channelling Bert Kaempfert is common place. MORE

REVIEW - Esperanza Spalding – Radio Music Society (****4 out of 5 Stars) – Heads Up – Concord Music Group
April 4, 2012 – Esperanza Spalding is a groovy chick. I mean, really, when she’s in the room, everyone else disappears and I’m talkin’ more than that big “love-sculpture” hair. She’s the type of musician you might walk up to at a party, ask about her music, and walk away three hours later regretting the question. This lady has a vision so you better have a seat. MORE

Kennard Ramsey – Somos – 5 out of 5
October 20, 2011 – This is no ordinary album. In fact, there is nothing normal about this album and that’s what makes this one of the most perfect projects that’s ever come across my desk. MORE

REVIEW: Colbie Caillat – All of You - Universal Republic
– On her third album Colbie Caillat has decided to strategically give us an uptempo summer-vibe. It still sounds like her smash debut “Coco” but this time it’s Colbie with caffeine and it’s positive and fun. Caillat co-wrote every tune on the album with different famous, mostly behind-the-scenes songsmiths.. MORE

REVIEW - Michael Franks – Time Together – Shanachie Records
– There are not too many things in life as deliciously lazy as Michael Franks voice. The guy could chill out someone on deaths door. Seriously, angst has no place on a Michael Franks record – he’s good at one great thing..making you feel good! MORE


10 Things You Might Not Know About the Band Airborne
October 15, 2010 – This is our first “10 Things” featuring a group! In the past several months we have concentrated on individual artists but this week it’s a well known group from New Haven, CT. USA. Airborne was formed in 1988 and have just released their 7th album “New Horizons.” Read more about Airborne.
  1. Alumni representative of recruiting for Berklee  College of Music
  2. First performances were in Motown, R&B, and Soul Revue bands
  3. Extreme fear of lightning
  4. Loves Italian, Mexican, and Indian food
  5. At one time members sported Afros and hair down to their waists
  6. Animal lovers - band supports prevention of animal abuse
  7. Enthusiastic users of new technology
  8. Raised and encouraged by single mom
  9 Descendants of Tom Thumb of the Barnum and Bailey Circus
10. Will do anything for a Klondike Bar

Airborne Interview with Smooth Jazz Now
October 10, 2010 – Not many groups have stood the test of time like Airborne. Coming in around the time that the NAC format was really starting to cook, 1988, this outfit grew with every project, gig and album. Having just released their most powerful album yet, New Horizon’s, it looks like the world is ready for this, a full dose of positive, social conscious fusion. We sat down with the band to chat about all the twisting, yet beneficial roads taken.
John - Lets talk about this great new album. It's your seventh and how did you approach this one?

Airborne - Well, this new CD of ours which is our 7th, we approached it from a place of influences from our last 3 CD's. There is always a concept in a Airborne CD and our plan for ‘New Horizons’ was to keep that Smooth Jazz feel of our 2008 "Winds of Change" CD. We also wanted that World Fusion sound that was on the 2007 "Turbulence" CD and to somehow insert the fire of our 2004 "Heavy Vibes" CD that had hot Latin rhythms and R&B vocal arrangements. Read More

Airborne’s “New Horizons” to Be Featured on FULL SPIN
September 24, 2010 – “It’s back by popular demand,” says Smooth Jazz Now Assistant Editor Beth Knudsen. The 90-minute special on Airborne’s latest CD “New Horizon” will air this Friday at 7PM (EST). It will also be re-broadcast on Tuesday at the same time.

The seventh album for the band is shaping up to their biggest yet with the single “Diggin’ the Atmosphere” entering at high at # 18 on the Smooth Jazz Now TOP 30 Countdown which is totally based on audience response.

Thomas and Greg Borino will join host John Beaudin and chat about each song on the album.

“Full Spin” always features albums in full with each song as it appears on the project.

Previous albums featured include Jack Prybylski’s “Out of the Box,” “Global Kiss” from Steve Oliver and Johnny J. Rivera’s “Trying to Catch Rain.” More

Airborne: Musical Peacemakers
October 1, 2007 - Airborne is quite a unique smooth jazz ensemble. The New Haven band was formed in the late eighties and has since then crossed the "turbulences" of our agitated times. Airborne is more than a jazz ensemble. It is a group of dedicated musicians, who share the same cause and philosophy: bringing peace, love and tolerance to our world through their music. They have stuck to this belief since their beginning and have opened up their music to multi-culturalism.

As the band puts it in the CD liner notes: "Our world is overflowing with physical, emotional and political distress and confusion. Let this wonderful music help open your heart to life's beauty. We can all make a difference in this world of need. If we try to help, support and understand, we can achieve peace."

Airborne's fifth release "Turbulence" conveys a spirit of peaceful serenity, openness to the world's musical cultures and high energy to create a positive vision for the future. The band entails talented members: 6 experienced musicians and a soulful female vocalist. Musically speaking, "Turbulence" successfully adds world rythms and sounds to an already lively and passionate smooth jazz sound. This exciting musical expedition starts with the exultant Latin "Festival Sunset". Then you embark on a soft mid tempo cruise led by a crew of great musicians: Steven Clarke on bass, Gregory Borino on guitars and Thomas Sonsone on saxophone ("Smooth Sailing"). When you come back on earth, you will be received by Elisabeth Dellinger's soulful voice in a groovy tune ("Can't Fight Love"), remembering Shakatak's unique sound. Then you will follow the steps of North America's first inhabitants, Native Americans ("Native Search"). After a tonic big band swing ("Hillside Swing"), listen to the powerful "Drums of Peace/Awakening" introduced by African rhythms and chants. Later on, let yourself invited to a Brazilian samba ("As We Journey") and get inspired by the sensual R&B voice of Elisabeth Dellinger. Eventually this bright journey comes to an end with an emotional smooth jazz piece, "The Message."

When listening to this stunning and graceful CD, you will notice that this ensemble plants musical "seeds of peace" and uses music to help make our dream of a better world come true. So, let yourself be guided by these "musical peacemakers." - By Akbar Nour